Half Time



No matter the sport, there is always a break in the action so players can go inside the locker room and get taped up, coached up and re-hydrated.  PRO Husband Halftime is no different. You are married 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Who wouldn’t need a break to step back and make sure you’re still doing a good job? The biggest secret to a helping you transform your relationship is becoming a student who never stops learning. Using the small group format, you will find fellowship and brotherhood with other men who are there to build a great marriage.

The Half Time feature is a virtual forum held every week.  Groups are limited to 5 members which gives time and space for you to be heard and supported. During this time you will get a mix of instruction and open dialogue to make sure your PRO Husband experience is effective. This will allow you to find the Happiness, Peace and Respect you and your wife desperately want in your marriage.


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