Grant Yourself Permission To Be A Great Husband


Have you ever had a season in your life where you knew you wanted to try something new or get better but something was holding you back? What was it? Possibly it was fear of failure or even fear of success. Sounds crazy huh? To get permission for something would indicate that there is an authority with which permission and approval reside. That may ring true for some things in this life, but one place it does not exist is within your marriage. Do you know how much good you are capable of? If you do know but it isn’t showing up in your marriage then you may be waiting for permission. It is very difficult to find examples of great marriages. Not because they don’t exist but because they don’t get the same publicity as the chaotic ones. If you have a good thing going then it would probably not make for good T.V. With this fact, we can’t afford to wait for popular opinion to give us permission to be great.

I’ve realized that the day I said “I do” was my permission to be great. My declaration of allegiance to one woman was my permission to be great. Acknowledging that I can and must evolve as a person was my permission to be great. Too often we hold ourselves back from giving our all in a situation as if being your best is somehow offensive. I guess in some ways it could be offensive, but only to those who are still waiting on permission. To be a great husband begins with being a great person for your own sake. I know for a fact that if I have learned how to be kind, honest and govern myself in a just manner then that enables me to provide those same things to my spouse whom I am responsible for. You can only give what you have. If you know love and peace then that is what you may offer your loved ones. It will permeate everything you do. If you search your heart and find something different then I would ask you to start there before you attend to anyone else.
Once you have accepted what is weak within you and emboldened what is strong then you have permission to be great. Taking the lead in this endeavor is powerful. So many wives often see greatness in their husbands before they even realize it themselves. Think about what it would mean for your wife to look upon you and say with her mouth and her heart “yes” what I saw inside of you has now manifested itself into plain view. What do you think this would compel her to do? Your wife can’t do it for you, although some try. The transformation to becoming great is best served and longer lasting when it is genuine and organic. When a man acknowledges how he can be a great husband to his wife it then allows her permission to be a great wife for him.
We all have something wonderful and powerful inside of us and when we connect with that thing and help grow it in each other the impact can send ripples through your world. Great relationships are based on great habits. Those habits are based on great choices. Those choices are made by great people who didn’t wait for permission to be great.


Love well,
Michael Warren


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