Machu Picchu – Part 2

In Part One I spoke about my trip to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. The theme there was primarily about partnership and working together to achieve something great.

For Part Two I want to chat about the idea of your marriage as a legacy. Think about what it would mean to have your kids and grandkids reference your relationship as what they want to have when they choose a partner. How does that thought make you feel?

At Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan emperors spent years constructing trail ways and systems of communication that allowed them to flourish as a people. Not only did they expand and enhance their culture but so did several of the generations that came after them. They built a way of life by cooperating and yes, conquering some of their neighbors.  One of the most amazing things about the Incan people is how they mastered the terrain around them and used the resources to engineer some agricultural feats that we still marvel at today.

Mike, what does this have to do with marriage?

When we get married, we have to have the mindset that we are going to build an empire together and pass it along to our children so they can advance even further down the road. Like the Inca, we need to make use of the resources that surround us and use them to help build our legacy. If you have access to wise counsel use it. If you have bad examples around you, learn from them. We can’t afford to waste time or else we will lose precious momentum on our relationship.

We all want a marriage that is built on trust, love, and genuineness that requires very little to keep it in motion. An environment that is rich with clean communication and a vision that provides for the growth of all involved can only yield good strong fruit. When these things manifest in your union, and they are visible to others, then you are in a position to be a positive resource for those who are in a funk. You don’t have to go around trying to convince people that your marriage is great, they will see it for themselves.

So let me tell you what Machu Picchu revealed to me about my legacy. I need to be fully engaged with my wife and kids and not allow outside influences to divert my attention away from my building process. My wife needs to be able to leave home every morning adorned and protected by my love for her so nothing negative can convince her that she isn’t beautiful, worthy and treasured by her creator and me. My children can take comfort standing in my shadow and witnessing their father’s ingenuity, work ethic and respect for their mother. They will spend years learning and observing until it’s time for them to emerge from my shadow armed with the knowledge and wisdom to start building for themselves. Long after I’m dead and gone, my legacy will live on through my children who absorbed what I poured into them.

To this day, you could go and live in Machu Picchu. All you need is to put up a thatch roof because the walls have been there for 600 years now. That’s the staying power that I want my marriage to have so in 600 years from now if someone wants to have a great marriage all they have to do is turn the pages of Marriage Declassified because the words are already there. Love well…

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