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"Be The Husband You Are Destined to Become." Michael Warren

Why Hire Michael Warren To Speak At Your Next Event?

Have you ever left a great presentation and thought to yourself “that was all great information, but after the speaker left, your enthusiasm went with them? You were excited to make good use of the information when you quickly realize that you’re no longer connected to the source of that excitement. How cool would it be if you could take the message you heard and use it to fuel real progress in your life?

If you’re like Michael, then you probably met a woman who brought something special into your world and compelled you to forsake all things for a life with her. You’re probably also like him in realizing the frustration of not always having access to people who genuinely want to see you win in your marriage. Michael knows that every husband needs a reliable ally, so you don’t feel isolated or ill-equipped in your challenges. He is ready to bring his message and his methods into your world.

Ego and foolish pride are horrible substitutes for a solid strategy in your marriage. Michael’s message overwhelming points to the elusive “Why” and “How” in marriage. Why does she need this from me? How am I supposed to get it for her? He will show you why should feel excited and engaged so you can have substantially more good days then bad days in marriage. He knows you’re thinking to yourself “I want that success in my home too.” Pro Husband is his reply.

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Why Book Me to Speak at your next Marriage event?

I have the information that your audience needs to experience real change in their relationships. Encouragement and inspiration can be found around every corner, but I offer that plus much more. I’m successful with my audience because my message resonates with people. My family is the center of my world and I’m willing to make bold decisions and take brave action to make sure that they are happy. I know that the men in your organization want to do the same for their families as well. But how?

Using quick wit and powerful insight, I create a safe and fun environment where guys can check their pride and ego at the door. My experience has taught me that men are looking for a clear path to a healthy and peaceful relationship that is providing for of their needs. When men hear my message and utilize my program they will find a new sense of excitement about their role as a husband.

Here is what your audience will walk away with

  • A clear set of tools and strategy to make them more informed and confident in their relationships.
  • A sense of relief knowing that they aren’t alone in facing the challenges in their relationships. Additionally, seeing a man who is genuinely “winning” in his own marriage can symbolize what’s possible in their own home.

Here are all the reasons to hire me for your next event:

  • I am easy to work with. (Note: this is generally a huge benefit)
  • Unique Approach to helping men in your audience become more “active” in their marriage.
  • Guaranteed to Increase the size of your audience
  • Actionable content backed by real experience.
  • The Content is immediately actionable
  • You and your audience will receive Free Signed Books (See Bonus)

My personal Satisfaction

I promise you Following the event the prohusband presentation will be event everyone will be talking about.


Receive Up to 25 Free Signed books



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